SaaS Pitch Deck Guide (Investor Ready Guide + Template)

saas pitch deck guide

Pitching a SaaS nowadays is like buying salt – SaaS products have become a standard and so has getting funding for them – but for some founders, investors just don’t give a damn. Sup, I’m Viktor, a pitch deck expert, creative strategist and burger lover. I’ve been a pitch deck expert for the past 10 years and helped clients … Read more

Documentary Pitch Deck Guide (Template Included)

documentary pitch deck guide

When you think about the great ones, like Attenborough, Neil, Grills, it’s always the narrative, lead character and visuals that come to mind. What does this have to do with making a documentary pitch deck?  Everything. If you don’t show that your documentary idea has a strong narrative, a charming character and heart stopping visuals, … Read more

The Cannabis Startup Pitch Deck Any Investor Would Approve (Guide & Template)

cannabis pitch deck guide

You got a new idea about helping dispensaries get more clients online, or growers improve their quality, but you can’t seem to make a stellar deck to showcase the brilliance of your idea? I’ll be blunt with you. The cannabis industry is skyrocketing in growth and startups are popping up like crazy so getting a … Read more

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