The Social Media Pitch Deck Guide You’ve Been Looking For (Template Included)

social media pitch deck guide

When investors hear “social media company or product”, most of them go like “not another one”.

Well, Mr. Thiel, yes another and this one will be your next best investment.

This is what I think about you and your social media pitch deck and I do believe you can make a steller one. But it’s not easy pushing through the sea of Zuckerbergs.

Sup, I’m Viktor, a pitch deck expertcreative strategist and burger lover. I’ve been a pitch deck expert for the past 10 years and helped clients raise millions and win pitches, with my unique approach to creating pitch decks.

With this guide, you’re going to create an amazing social media pitch deck, or use my own template, depending on how fast you need to present.

Let’s start with the simple stuff.

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What is a Social Media Pitch Deck?

social media pitch deck definition

A social media pitch deck is a presentation created to showcase businesses’ social media strategies and plans to potential investors, partners, or clients. It is essentially a visual representation of a social media marketing plan, outlining key information such as target audience, brand voice, content ideas, and desired outcomes.

The pitch deck is typically comprised of slides containing statistics, graphs, and visuals that highlight the effectiveness of the proposed social media campaign. It can also include case studies, competitor analysis, and future projections to convince stakeholders to invest in the plan.

A well-crafted social media pitch deck can be a powerful tool for businesses to secure partnerships or funding opportunities. Ultimately, it’s a way to showcase a company’s creativity, expertise, and vision to achieve social media marketing success.

What Information do Social Media Pitch Decks Provide?

Social media pitch decks contain important information about social media marketing strategies, including

  • Audience demographics
  • Marketing goals
  • Budget breakdowns
  • Success metrics
  • Unique selling points of social media campaigns
  • Key messages
  • Creative approaches that will be used to reach target audiences

Additionally, social media pitch decks often provide information about the channels that will be used to deliver social media content and examples of previous successful campaigns. Insights into current social media trends and industry benchmarks may also be included to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed strategy.

Overall, social media pitch decks aim to provide a comprehensive overview of how a social media campaign will be executed and the expected outcomes.

What is Important to Include in a Social Media Pitch Deck Presentation?

When creating a social media pitch deck presentation, it is an important thing to include all relevant information about the brand, product, or service being pitched. The presentation should grab the attention of the audience from the outset, and provide enough detail to keep them interested and engaged throughout.

It’s essential to showcase what makes the brand unique and how it can solve a particular problem for the intended audience. The presentation should also highlight the target audience and the channels through which they can be reached. The deck should feature well-curated and visually appealing examples of previous campaigns and social media content.

Finally, incorporating metrics to demonstrate past success can help to build credibility with the audience and reinforce the potential value of the proposal. By including these components, a social media pitch deck presentation can effectively communicate the brand’s potential to maximize engagement via social media channels.

What is Not Supposed to Be Part of a Successful Social Media Pitch Deck?

A successful social media pitch deck should not include irrelevant details and complex jargon that could confuse the audience.

The pitch deck is designed to communicate the key ideas and strategies that would capture the interest of the stakeholders. Therefore, it is not necessary to include unrelated information or data that does not support the main message of the pitch.

Additionally, the social media pitch deck should not focus solely on the features and benefits of a product, but rather on how the product amplifies the social media presence of the brand.

The targeted audience would most probably not be interested in the technical aspects of the software; they want to know how it can increase their brand visibility and connect with their followers. Including this information helps the audience understand the benefits of the product and its potential value to their business.

Examples Of Good Social Media Pitch Decks




Marketeers Also Ask Section:

How do I create a social media strategy deck?

Creating a social media strategy deck requires careful planning and attention to detail. The first step is to define your goals and objectives, as these will guide the rest of your strategy. Next, you should research your target audience and understand their preferences and behaviors on social media. This information will help you tailor your content and messaging to best resonate with your audience.

Additionally, it is important to decide which social media platforms you will use and how frequently you will post on each. Your deck should also include a content calendar, outlining the specific posts and campaigns you will run over a set period of time. Finally, be sure to track your metrics and adjust your strategy as needed to optimize your performance. When creating your deck, remember to keep it concise and visually appealing, utilizing graphs, charts, and images to help illustrate your points.

How do you write a social media pitch?

When writing a social media pitch, the first step is to clearly define the purpose of the pitch. This could be to promote a new product, service or campaign, or to attract more followers to your social media page. Once the purpose has been established, it’s important to tailor the pitch to the platform that you are using.

Each social media platform has its own style and tone and it’s important to understand these before you start writing. When drafting your pitch, make sure to keep it short and to the point, include key details and use a catchy headline to grab the reader’s attention. Be sure to emphasize the benefits and unique value proposition of your offering and make it easy for your audience to engage with your brand by including a clear call-to-action.

Finally, proofread your pitch and make sure it conveys a positive and professional image of your brand.

Get Your Copy Of The $4mill Deck Template

If you’re pitching a social media company or service, you need a strong pitch deck to grab the attention of buyers and investors.

The good news is you don’t have to make decks from scratch. Creating an effective social media pitch deck is all about knowing what slides to include. You can find tons of templates on sites like Canva, Slidesgo and Google Slides, but none of them will align with the brand you represent.

What will happen is you’ll need to spend hours adjusting these templates to fit your brand guidelines. 

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Final Thoughts

You might be pitching a social media strategy or a fully blown social media company – it doesn’t matter, because you still need to build the deck and make it look convincing.

For more details about creating and structuring the ideal and effective deck, feel free to check out the main page. I got tips, tricks, mistakes and more for you to use and abuse!

You got this!

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