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My clients winning $100 mill in funding...

…with pitch decks and presentations I helped them create. I’m Viktor, a pitch deck expert, creative strategist and a burger lover. According to the AI generated image on the right, I also have hair.

I’ve been helping companies, individuals and organizations develop impactful presentations and pitch decks, and have been doing that for the past 13 years. 


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My hands-off approach is tested & proven...

What the CEO of the biggest African furniture manufacturer Mande said about my work:

Robin, the founder of SmartCue, a revolutionary sales tool:

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The owners of the richest Saudi factory:

3:44 seconds

is what your audience, on average, spends on a presentation.

This is why it’s essential to make an above average first impression.

I've used that insight and others, to help companies and individuals in 40+ industries and verticals, develop their pitch decks. I've put that experience into step by step guides too:

Each guide follows the same simple approach based on a few key principles:

Be Ready To Leave At Given Moment

They're not the only interested parties, and you need to be somewhere else, pitching to other interested parties. You're a wanted commodity.

Provide Just Enough Of The Right Info

Your audience doesn't need to know everything and they shouldn't. They only need to see what just enough so that they get interested and feel the FOMO Effect.

There's No Better Time Than Now

There's nothing more powerful than an idea who's time has come. This is how you position your pitch. Otherwise, why would they bother?

It's all about the presentation.

You got less than 4 minutes to present your idea, with ironclad confidence, razor sharp focus, and stellar communication.

If you can’t confidently convey your idea in  the first 4 minutes of meeting them, why would your audience trust you with their money for longer than that? 

It's a hands-off approach for you.

From start to finish, your only “responsibility” is to approve everything I develop: the design, the copy, the strategy and the final deck. 

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The owner of a fast growing UAE Ecom Luxury Store:

Greg, A Consultant To Fortune 500 Companies:

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Gidi, CEO of Wizyu, A PT/Wellness Platform:

The owner of Marketplace Distri, The Amazon Accelerator:

Here's how I can help you save 20+ hours and potentially win millions:


Pitch Deck Development

Full pitch deck development, including the research, design, copy and most importantly, strategy. Quick turnaround of 5-7 days, with as little involvement on your side as possible. 


Presentation As A Service

Have a need for continuous help with presentations every month? My system helps individuals, department teams shell out presentation whenever they need them, consistently, every month. Simple pricing, fast turnaround. I plug in your Slack and PM tool and go from there. 


Strategy Development

Only have an idea but don’t know how to develop your go-to-market strategy, financials, sales plan? Get a fully fleshed out, actionable strategic plan, that includes all the above and more. Business plan, financials, and a custom made presentation, ready to be sent out to interested parties.

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