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Game Pitch Deck Guide | 2024 UPDATE | Gaming Pitch Startup Examples & Template

game pitch deck

A game pitch deck is an essential tool for any game developer hoping to secure funding and make their project a reality. But how do you create a game pitch deck that clearly reflects the value and brilliant lore your game has? This game pitch deck presentation guide, as well as the examples and the … Read more

TV Show Pitch Deck Updated For 2024 (Guide, Templates & Examples)

what is a tv show pitch deck

You have a brilliant idea for the next “Peaky Blinders” but unfortunately, nobody buys into it. The truth is: It’s not them, it’s you (contrary to popular belief and exes telling you). To be more specific, your TV show pitch deck is the real problem. But fear not, as I’m your personal Qui-Gon Jinn and … Read more

How To Make A Winning Agency Pitch Deck (Agency Pitch Deck Template Included)

agency pitch deck by viktori

Creating an agency deck is not that hard, but unfortunately, time and other client tasks just take priority most of the time. It’s just time-consuming, and ultimately, you don’t want to wing it. That’s why you need a step-by-step process that will help you build an agency deck. If that won’t work, you can try … Read more

Investor Pitch Deck Your Startup Needs For Fundraising 2024 Insights | Pitch Deck Examples & Template

what is an investor pitch deck

You are certain you have what it takes to implement your idea because there is a sizable market for it. However, persuading investors on your product’s potential and skill set can be intimidating. That is where the investor pitch deck comes into play. A deck is a presentation that companies use to give investors an … Read more

What is a Marketing Pitch Deck? 2024 Updated: Template + Examples

what is a marketing deck guide by viktori

If you want to present a new product or service to the market or help your organization understand how marketing campaigns positively impact product sales, you definitely need a marketing deck. Hey. I’m Viktor, a pitch deck expert, creative strategist and burger lover. My work has helped myself and my clients win 100s of pitches … Read more

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Table Of Contents