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Strategy Resources

Best ads of 2021

Best Ads Of 2021: Part 1

Another year gone, another set of amazing SuperBowl ads aired during the…well, the SuperBowl. From Edward Scissorhands promoting an all-electric Cadillac to Michael B. Jordan taking …
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8 creative strategy tips

8 Creative Strategy Tips

Digital marketing professionals, creative strategists and marketers are the ones who make numerous creative decisions while promoting different services, products, and brands, and it’s no …
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Thinking Resources

Design Thinking Guide

Design Thinking Guide

Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that integrates people’s needs, technology’s possibilities, and the requirements for business success. As a result, you will …
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What I’ll Do

To whom it may concern. Dearest. We all have a weekly list that we do or plan to do. Most often, this list is there to …
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