The Cannabis Startup Pitch Deck Any Investor Would Approve (Guide & Template)

cannabis pitch deck guide

You got a new idea about helping dispensaries get more clients online, or growers improve their quality, but you can’t seem to make a stellar deck to showcase the brilliance of your idea? I’ll be blunt with you. The cannabis industry is skyrocketing in growth and startups are popping up like crazy so getting a … Read more

Nonprofit Pitch Deck For Fundraising (Examples & The Only Template You Need)

nonprofit pitch deck guide

Looking for a nonprofit pitch deck that will help you raise money for your cause? You’re in the right place. And don’t worry, you won’t be making it from scratch. I’m Viktor, a pitch deck expert, creative strategist, and burger lover. My work has helped my clients win $4mill+ worth of pitches and helped 100+ companies develop decks … Read more

The Consulting Pitch Deck Guide (Best Consulting Presentation Examples & Template)

Consulting pitch deck guide

So you want to create a consulting pitch deck (or just deck in short), to win that next client? Raising funding for your consultancy? Or maybe you’re just trying to present the latest campaign results to your clients and brighten their day? The last might be impossible but making a good consulting pitch deck isn’t … Read more

How To Make A Winning Agency Pitch Deck (Agency Pitch Deck Template Included)

agency pitch deck by viktori

Creating an agency deck is not that hard, but unfortunately, time and other client tasks just take priority most of the time. It’s just time-consuming, and ultimately, you don’t want to wing it. That’s why you need a step-by-step process that will help you build an agency deck. If that won’t work, you can try … Read more

Investor Pitch Deck Your Startup Needs For Fundraising | Pitch Deck Examples & Template

what is an investor pitch deck

You are certain you have what it takes to implement your idea because there is a sizable market for it. However, persuading investors on your product’s potential and skill set can be intimidating. That is where the investor pitch deck comes into play. A deck is a presentation that companies use to give investors an … Read more

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