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The 1 Business Development Method That Earns You Money While Doing It? Yes, It Exists.

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Here’s a stupid question: Do you want your company to be at the forefront of innovation? 

Another one: Do you want to use the latest marketing/sales/dev business development and innovation programs that will increase your revenue and client base?

Here’s how you do that: Have one of your employees apply for a remote job in a company that does precisely the thing you’re bad at (or struggling with). Then, let them work in that company – and with that, allow you to learn their process, how it works, and implement it within your daily struggles.


  • You could be plateauing with LinkedIn outreach. All the responses are affirmative “no thanks” or “not interested.”
  • You could be slowly losing Google ranking for your clients without knowing why (might be the core updates?)
  • Your link-building campaigns are bringing in fewer and fewer links with every passing month.

The problems are numerous, but your situation is not unique. Why?

Here’s the truth… while you’re struggling, someone out there has already figured out how to solve the problem you have and is raking in the money. 

And he is hiring for more muscle. 

It’s simple… Your business development lies within your competitor. 

Enter the Rockstar Business Development Method. Book a call with me and let me show you how you can implement it. Otherwise, read on and try to do it yourself.

What do you gain? (benefits)

You get to learn processes and marketing / sales / business development approaches that work and use them for yourself. 

Doing this business development technique with numerous competitors (direct and indirect) is an excellent way of making sure your company stays at the forefront of innovation. 

Second, you as a company get paid to learn and upgrade your approach and business processes. What’s not to like?

Alternative to this approach

  1. Either you spend money pursuing business development approaches that might or might not work (you read a post by Moz, which btw 1000’s like yourself read and implemented).
  2. Or you spend money on courses which curriculum is probably a bit outdated (or if the curriculum is good, everyone is already using it, so you’re in a dead race).
  3. Stick to what you know. That works until it doesn’t.

Prerequisites to building a nurturing and safe business development environment

First, you’ll need the pick the right employee to be your rockstar business developer.

To make things easier, let’s call the employee who is going to be martyred – Ryan. 

Ryan will have to play against some of the rules you’re used to because Ryan will have to play the competitor’s playbook.

That means:

  • Different work hours
  • Different tools to manage projects (which could turn out to be fruitful for you, finding out a more efficient way to manage projects)
  • Different work ethics

Few rules and guidelines:

  • All money goes to Ryan – unless the pay is lower than what you give them. Why? Because Ryan is making the most sacrifices, that pay is a bonus that you will willingly give out to him. 
  • No employment record currently showing Ryan is with you (online or offline).
  • Ryan needs to be VERY good at pitching, communicating, and getting out of situations when required.
  • Ryan is a synonym for resourcefulness. 
  • Boost Ryans CV a bit with the knowledge that your whole team has. The reasoning behind this: Ryan will have, in a way, his native team’s know-how, and he can use that to show off and do wonders for your competitor.
  • Ryan must be, in a way, a jack of all trades, know a bit of everything within your company, and know a bit of what the competitor requires from him. 
    • Salespeople are naturals in this position.

Will it be easy?

It’s uncharted territory for both you and him.

But, what will make that business development voyage easier is providing an environment where Ryan will have, at any time, the support and knowledge of the team behind him.

This support is something that individual freelancers lack and sometimes proves detrimental to their health and pocket. And this is good because Ryan will have an advantage over these freelancers when applying for the job.

Let me explain briefly…

If you’re a company focusing on SEO, and you want to find a better way to do SEO – you might want to see what these guys are doing: https://jobrack.eu/jobs/seo-specialist-45 

Certain aspects of this approach make Ryan not the best candidate. 

But, Martha, an SEO specialist you employ, has these qualities. 

You add Martha’s qualities to the arsenal of qualities Ryan has. So, when the time comes, Martha will help Ryan and use her qualities to supplement Ryan’s efforts. 

What’s the most significant advantage you have?

Freelancers rely on their experience and googling stuff to solve problems (and, if lucky, their team for brainstorming).

Ryan has a whole company backing him up. So in a way, ten heads are working towards finishing the tasks your competitor has set for Ryan.

Of course, you’re not going to commit ten people to full-time work for just one salary.

But what you will do is:

  • Create a dedicated slack channel where Ryan will ask questions regarding the work he is doing.
  • Set a weekly meeting between Ryan and a few of your team members to help him figure out specific challenges.

The best part? If Ryan manages to grasp the work given to him quickly and efficiently, he will still work on tasks for your business. He is doing business development and developing your business at the same time. Talk about a rockstar employee!

Next Step: Redistribution 

If Ryan gets really, really good at the job, meaning catch up on all tasks, understand the processes and how they work, he can:

  • Distribute those tasks to team members within your company. For example, Martha can take and finish the tasks that she is good at. 

Why? Ryan is good at one thing, and when he does that one thing, he does it efficiently and effectively. Same with Martha. 

If Ryan has to:

  • Build guest post links
  • Optimize articles
  • Create Canva images
  • Manage email accounts
  • Build SOP’s

But Ryan is good at only: 

  • Build guest post links
  • Optimize articles

And would take him 2 hours to finish these tasks, whereas completing all tasks would take him 5 hours.

And Martha is great at:

  • Create Canva images
  • Manage email accounts
  • Build SOP’s

And would take her 2 hours to finish these tasks (which is 1 hour less than Ryan).

You’d be saving an hour of work which Ryan can use to work on tasks within your company.

I know this is a bit far-fetched and might require more effort on your end, but it works for my team and me with the current process we have (I’ll gladly share it for a nominal fee of 4k$). 

Examples of this business development approach

Ok, so you might be wondering in which instances thisbusiness development approach would work. 

Honestly? Any instance.

What’s your specific case? Let me know over a brief 30-minute call.

The Above Doesn’t Describe You?

What’s your current pain that the Rockstar approach can solve? Book a call and let’s talk.

Does this work for big companies? (YES)

The older you get, the less prone to change you become. The same goes for the size of the company. The bigger the company, the more difficult it is to change it. But nowadays, being able to change and adapt quickly is the difference between bankruptcy and IPO.

Hear me out: Big companies have biggerbusiness development budgets. 

So, instead of just getting one person hired to do a specific job for a competitor, they would get 10-12 people employed at the same time on 10-12 different remote jobs. 

Some part-time, some full-time, some on a per-project basis. 

Imagine the know-how these Ryans and Marthas would get and share with the mother company?

Is anyone doing this now?

On a much smaller scale, with almost zero risk – incubators and sandbox platforms.

The startups in the incubators are protected, and therefore, the level of innovation is far less than the level of innovation that these remote, bootstrapped companies maintain.

Oh, and me.

So, who is the competitor?

It’s like when Columbus (you) discovered the Americas (competitor) and found that corn existed and started cultivating it (solution you could use). 

But I don’t need corn to survive; I can do without it. Are you sure?

Fast forward to now.

Your competitors are companies that are hiring through remote job ads. If they’re hiring, they’re growing, and they’re making money, and they have some sort of an approach that works for them. 


  • Deal mainly with western audiences (more profits, more volatility)
  • Have perfected their SOPs and processes (more efficient and effective service and product quality)
  • Use software that is cheap and effective (cost-efficient and modern)
  • Have created a unique remote working environment that nurtures individuals’ growth and progress.

Ok. How would the process go?

  1. Figure out what in your company needs improving. 
  2. Pick a person that is great at sales, project management, and is resourceful and knows about the problem you’re facing.
  3. Scour the job ad sites and find the job that would fit.
  4. Apply. When applying to avoid the classic approach like the plague. Use this approach.
    1. Modify Ryans CV to fit the job description. 
    2. Help him prep for the job interview.
  5. If they accept him, create a supportive environment where he can thrive and extract know-how easily.
  6. Learn and funnel all knowledge to your team and implement it.
  7. Discard the job when done.
  8. Move to another one.

FAQ for nonbelievers

You could call this espionage, but what are you doing?

The employee you choose to do thisbusiness development technique will contribute to the competitor’s goals the same way they would do in any setting. 

It’s fair trade.

I’d even say that it’s unfair towards YOU. Why? Because that competitor, one way or the other, will be getting not just your employee time, but inadvertently yours and your team’s time – and more importantly, the know-how your team has.

So, yeah, you deserve this. 

Transactional relationship at its finest! 

Our process and service are unique, and nobody does this as we do!

And probably nobody will use it since nobody knows you exist. Because you’re lead generation sucks, and you need to improve it.

It’s unethical, and it’s plain out lying!

Open your email. How many of the outreach emails you receive are from a real person? How many emails you’ve sent that are from a real person?

I’ve been a blonde photographer girl, based out of London, helping moms and pops around the city learn more about how to photograph their kid’s birthday. And I did help them.

I was a local landscaper based out of Orlando, casually driving throughout the blocks and messaging potential leads that their lawns need work (because “I saw their lots with my own eyes while passing by the area”) – 

These were just one of my outreach personas at the time. So yeah, I traveled the world, dude…

I’d be spending Ryans’ time helping the competitor!

And, he will get paid for it much more than you will pay him – he will probably stress and get pissed off, but ultimately, he will deliver something your business needs to grow faster.

Would you rather spend his time on tactics you learn from the top 3 SERPS on Google?

If they find out…

How will they unless you or Ryan tells them? 

It’s simple

While you’re reading this, someone out there just found a way to:

  • generate better leads
  • streamline orders
  • improve UX/UI
  • close more deals

These companies will eventually sell their know-how for a ridiculous monthly fee of 45$ – by the time you buy their course and learn it, their approach will be obsolete.

Why not join them while they’re implementing it? The only thing you have to gain is getting experience and getting paid for it. This is what thisbusiness development technique offers.

If you’re interested in exploring this approach, let me know.

Last Words

If you feel that any of the above needs more explanation, let me know in the comments. This business development technique requires time and patience.

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