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Engineering Startup Business Ideas + Pitch Deck Outlines

engineering startup business ideas

In the world of engineering startups, a pitch deck is often the first impression, a captivating narrative that melds vision with viability. But what goes behind the creation of these pitch decks? The ideas they represent are the lifeblood of any startup venture. This supplementary article delves into the heart of such business ideas, meticulously … Read more

Software Startup Business Ideas & Pitch Deck Outlines

software startup business ideas

At its core, a pitch deck narrates the story of an idea, beckoning its audience to envision a shared future. This article illuminates such innovative ideas, from “GreenSustain’s” dedication to sustainable practices, to the indispensable medical reminders of “MediMinder.” While “StreamTech” aims to reconfigure our media experiences, “EduSphere” envisions an e-learning landscape that’s captivating and … Read more

Best Commercials Of 2021: Part 2

best commercials of 2021

This is part two of the best commercials of 2021. For the first part, click here: Best ads of 2021 Top Three Best Commercials of 2021 Part 2 Heinz: Draw Ketchup My suspicious brain bran says “Viktor this is fake, it’s a setup” but then again If they’d give me the same task, I’d probably draw … Read more

Best Ads Of 2021: Part 1

Best ads of 2021

Another year gone, another set of amazing SuperBowl ads aired during the…well, the SuperBowl. From Edward Scissorhands promoting an all-electric Cadillac to Michael B. Jordan taking the role of Alexa and making my girlfriend give me less and less attention every day, this year’s SuperBowl has given us superior stories to watch and remember. Might … Read more

10 Videos To Help You Create A Successful Strategy

videos on strategy

Looking to bing some videos on strategy? Look no further because we’ve compiled the best list of the most important videos on strategy, strategic planning and thinking there are. As you know, a strategy describes how the ends (goals) will be achieved by the means (resources). Strategy can be intended or can emerge as a … Read more

8 Creative Strategy Tips

8 creative strategy tips

Digital marketing professionals, creative strategists and marketers are the ones who make numerous creative decisions while promoting different services, products, and brands, and it’s no secret that phenomenal results follow a well-executed creative strategy.  The creative strategy in content marketing is what will serve as a guide for the advertising team to develop creative decisions … Read more

Creative‌ ‌Strategy:‌ ‌What‌ ‌Is‌ ‌It?‌ ‌

what is a creative strategy

With businesses competing to win over consumers’ attention, marketing has become more ruthless than ever before. Therefore it’s essential to have winning creative strategies to survive and thrive in such a competitive field. Creative strategy is the vital link connecting business planning with the creative process, the answer to longstanding strategy, crafting concepts and narratives … Read more

What Is A Creative Strategist?

what is a creative strategist

Creative strategists play a vital role in supporting a company to grow through effective marketing campaigns. Best creative strategists combine the creative and imaginative intuition of a marketer with the logical reasoning of an analyst. This article will cover all aspects of what is a creative strategist and how that person can help your business. … Read more

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