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5 Page Travel Pitch Deck Outline | Must Have

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In the forthcoming travel pitch deck outline, we will go through the landscapes of an innovative travel platform, exploring the challenges faced by modern-day travelers and unveiling our unique solution that promises not just journeys but experiences that are authentic, enriching, and seamlessly planned.

Sup. I’m Viktor, a pitch deck expert, creative strategist and fellow traveler. I’ve been a pitching businesses for the past 13 years and helped clients raise millions with my unique approach to creating pitch decks.

As we journey through each slide, we will delve into the intricacies of our business model, the vast market opportunities, our strategic approach, and the financial vistas that lay ahead.

Let’s check this outline out.

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Travel Pitch Deck Outline

Slide 1: Introduction

Title: [Your Startup Name] Tagline: Explore Beyond Boundaries, Sustainably! Brief Overview: Welcome to [Your Startup Name], where we weave sustainability into every journey, offering travelers authentic and eco-friendly experiences across the globe. Navigate through uncharted terrains, immerse in local cultures, all while treading lightly on our planet.


  • Logo of your startup
  • High-quality image of a popular travel destination or an image that reflects sustainability in travel.

Slide 2: Problem Statement

Issue Identification: The burgeoning impact of tourism on the environment and local communities is palpable, with destinations facing ecological and cultural degradation.

Supporting Data:

  • Infographics showing the rise of carbon emissions from travel activities.
  • Data points highlighting the impact of tourism on local ecosystems and communities.

Content: In an era where wanderlust is celebrated, the unseen repercussions echo through deteriorated ecosystems and strained local communities. From carbon footprints to cultural dilution, the essence of destinations is at risk, calling for a sustainable intervention in our travel endeavors.

Slide 3: Solution

Your Offering: A platform connecting travelers to sustainable travel options, ensuring every adventure is kind to both nature and culture.

Unique Value Proposition (UVP): Embark on journeys that conserve, preserve, and respect, ensuring your explorations are etched with responsibility and mindfulness.


  • Screenshots or demo of your platform.
  • Images of travelers enjoying sustainable experiences.

Content: Introducing [Your Startup Name], your compass to responsible and enriching travel experiences. We curate journeys that not only mesmerize your senses but also uphold the sanctity of destinations, ensuring every footprint left behind is green and every culture encountered is respected.

Slide 4: Market Opportunity

Target Audience: Eco-conscious travelers, adventure seekers, and cultural explorers.

Market Size: [Insert Data] – The total addressable market for sustainable tourism.

Market Trends:

  • The rise of eco-tourism and sustainable travel practices.
  • An increasing number of travelers seeking authentic and local experiences.

Content: The horizon of sustainable tourism is expansive and burgeoning, with [Data Point] of travelers seeking more eco-conscious adventures. [Your Startup Name] taps into this vast ocean of opportunity, guiding a wave of mindful travelers towards journeys that resonate with responsibility and unparalleled experiences.


  • Graphs showing the growth of the sustainable tourism market.
  • Images or icons representing your target audience.

Slide 5: Business Model

Revenue Streams:

  • Commission from bookings
  • Partnerships with eco-friendly accommodations and travel services
  • Premium listings and features for providers

Pricing Strategy:

  • Competitive pricing for travelers
  • Tiered subscription model for providers

Sales & Distribution:

  • Online platform
  • Partnerships with travel agencies and influencers

Content: At [Your Startup Name], we intertwine profitability with sustainability, deriving revenue through commissions, strategic partnerships, and premium offerings, ensuring our journey towards sustainable tourism is steadfast and impactful.


  • A simple revenue model diagram
  • Icons representing various revenue streams

Slide 6: Traction

Milestones Achieved:

  • Beta launch of the platform
  • First 1,000 users acquired
  • Partnership with [X] eco-friendly accommodations

Customer Base:

  • Monthly active users
  • [X]% Month-over-month growth


  • Collaboration with [X] local communities
  • Strategic alliance with [Y] travel agencies

Content: Embarking on our journey, [Your Startup Name] has navigated through pivotal milestones, acquiring a robust user base and forging alliances that amplify our vision of sustainable travel, showcasing a trajectory poised for impactful growth.


  • Milestone timeline
  • Graph showcasing user growth

Slide 7: Competitive Landscape

Competitor Overview:

  • [Competitor 1]: Focused on [X], lacking [Y]
  • [Competitor 2]: Offers [A], but misses [B]

Competitive Edge:

  • Authenticity: Verified sustainable options
  • Community: Engaging local communities in tourism

Content: While the terrain of sustainable travel is traversed by notable entities, [Your Startup Name] carves its own path, offering unparalleled authenticity and fostering a community where travelers and locales converge in a symphony of mindful exploration and shared benefits.


  • Competitive matrix
  • Icons representing your USPs

Slide 8: Marketing & Growth Strategy

Acquisition Channels:

  • SEO & Content Marketing
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Influencer Collaborations

Engagement & Retention:

  • User-generated content & reviews
  • Loyalty programs
  • Community forums and events

Scaling Plan:

  • Geographic expansion
  • Diversifying offerings
  • Technological advancements

Content: Navigating towards expansive horizons, [Your Startup Name] employs a multifaceted marketing strategy, anchoring on digital prowess and community engagement, while our sails are set towards geographic and technological expansion, exploring uncharted territories in sustainable tourism.


  • Marketing funnel
  • Growth roadmap

These slides delve deeper into the operational and strategic aspects of your startup, providing investors with insights into how the business functions, the progress made, how it stands out in the market, and the strategies in place for growth and customer acquisition. Ready to explore the remaining sections of the pitch deck? Let’s set sail to the next destination!

Slide 9: Financial Projections

Revenue Projections:

  • Projected revenue for the next 5 years, highlighting a steady upward trajectory.

Key Metrics:

  • Projected CAGR, EBITDA, and Net Profit Margin.
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Lifetime Value (LTV).

Content: Navigating through the fiscal seas, [Your Startup Name] envisions a prosperous journey ahead, with our sails set towards a revenue of [X] by year 5. Anchoring our journey with robust metrics, we steer towards sustainable profitability, ensuring a voyage that’s fruitful for our travelers, partners, and investors alike.


  • Graphs illustrating revenue and profit projections.
  • Infographics for key metrics.

Slide 10: Ask

Investment Ask:

  • Seeking an investment of $[X] million.

Use of Funds:

  • [X]% Product Development
  • [Y]% Marketing & User Acquisition
  • [Z]% Geographic Expansion

Content: To propel [Your Startup Name] towards uncharted territories of sustainable travel, we invite you to embark on this journey with us, seeking an investment of $[X] million. Together, let’s navigate towards creating impactful experiences, technological advancements, and expanding our horizons, crafting a future where travel and sustainability coalesce seamlessly.


  • Pie chart illustrating the allocation of funds.
  • Icons representing each allocation category.

Slide 11: Team

Team Members:

  • [Name], CEO: [Brief Background]
  • [Name], CTO: [Brief Background]
  • [Name], CMO: [Brief Background]

Advisory Board:

Content: At the helm of [Your Startup Name], our crew, seasoned with expertise and passion, steers towards crafting sustainable and enchanting travel experiences. With [Name] navigating the technological seas and [Name] charting our marketing course, our team is poised to sail towards impactful and sustainable success in the travel domain.


  • Photos and titles of team members.
  • Logos of previous companies or institutions associated with.

Slide 12: Thank You & Q/A

Appreciation: Thank you for embarking on this journey with us today.

Contact Details:

  • [Name], [Position]: [Email Address]
  • [Name], [Position]: [Email Address]

Q/A: We invite you to explore further with us during the Q/A.

Content: A hearty thank you for navigating through [Your Startup Name]’s journey today. Your presence has added wind to our sails, and we’re eager to explore any curiosities you may have during our Q/A. Let’s continue this voyage together, crafting a future where every journey etches a sustainable story.


  • A thank you message.
  • Contact details.

Travel Pitch Deck Outline: Conclusion

These slides bring the pitch deck towards a close, providing investors with a clear understanding of the financials, the ask, the team behind the venture, and opening the floor for further discussions and queries. Ensuring clarity, transparency, and a touch of storytelling can make these slides compelling and memorable for the investors.

Let’s continue our crafting journey!

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