Travel Pitch Deck Guide | Travel Startup Template, Structure…

travel pitch deck guide

Building a pitch deck for your travel startup is easier than packing for your next vacation. It not only narrates your vision but also navigates through your business model, market analysis, and financial projections, all while maintaining a harmonious balance between professionalism and passion.  Hey there. I’m Viktor, a pitch deck expert, creative strategist taking the … Read more

IT Pitch Deck Guide  | Investor & Startup Ready Template Structure

IT pitch deck guide

In the world of IT, where innovation is the currency, presenting your groundbreaking idea can be as crucial as the idea itself. Enter the IT pitch deck—a visual narrative that bridges the gap between your tech vision and potential investors. Think of it as the trailer to your blockbuster movie; it needs to captivate, inform, … Read more

ERP Pitch Deck Guide | Startup Template Structure & More

ERP pitch deck guide

Presenting your ERP solution is like organizing a public speaking event.  The spotlight? Not you. It’s never you (just like it’s never your fault, despite what your ex-es are telling you) It’s on your ERP pitch deck. Imagine this: You’re in a room with potential investors, the air thick with anticipation. Your pitch deck isn’t … Read more

Electric Vehicle Pitch Deck Guide | Template Structure, Ideas & More

ev pitch deck guide

In the electrifying world of startups, the electric vehicle (EV) sector is sparking unprecedented interest. As we stand on the precipice of a transportation revolution, the race to secure funding for EV innovations is more intense than ever.  Enter the electric vehicle pitch deck: your golden ticket to capturing the attention of discerning investors.  Hey, … Read more

Photography Pitch Deck Guide | Template, Ideas & More

photography pitch deck guide

Picture this: you’re about to embark on a pitch deck journey that will make you the Ansel Adams of investment meetings. But wait, before you focus your lens on success, let’s develop the perfect exposure to captivate your audience.  Welcome to the ultimate photography-themed pitch deck guide, where I’ll teach you how to frame your … Read more

Engineering Pitch Deck Guide | Investor Template Structure + Examples

engineering pitch deck guide

Building an engineering pitch deck without a proper strategy is like trying to assemble IKEA furniture without instructions. Sure, you might eventually get a chair (a pitch), but it’s probably wobbly and missing a leg (key details). With the right tools (clear messaging and visuals), you’ll have a comfy lounge chair in no time, and … Read more

Software Pitch Deck Guide | Startup Template, Structure & Inspiration

software pitch deck guide

As one of my top philosophers, Slavoj would say: In our hyperreal capitalist age, where even the most abstract ideas are commodified, a pitch deck becomes the very manifestation of ideology in action. It’s not just about presenting software, but confronting the Lacanian Real of the market’s desire. It’s true, this isn’t just a set … Read more

AI Startup Pitch Deck Guide | Template Structure, Inspiration & More

ai startup pitch deck guide

In the era where data reigns supreme, AI is the crowned king making waves. But how does one woo investors into this tech kingdom? Enter the AI pitch deck, your knight in shining armor. I’m Viktor, a pitch deck expert, and a creative strategist. Over the last thirteen years, I’ve worked with businesses and helped them … Read more

Agriculture Pitch Deck Presentation Guide | Template, Structure & Examples

agriculture pitch deck presentation guide

In the world of agriculture, where crops and cattle often take the limelight, there’s a lesser-known hero lurking behind the scenes – the pitch deck. Picture this: you’re a farmer with a revolutionary idea, not about tractors or tomatoes, but perhaps a tech twist to traditional tillage. But how do you make investors as excited … Read more

Green Startup Pitch Deck Guide | Template, Inspo & Structure

Green startup pitch deck guide

Welcome to the stage of sustainable seduction, where your brilliant business ideas meet the compelling charms of Mother Earth.  Buckle up, entrepreneurs and eco-evangelists, as we rocket into a realm where profitability partners with planet preservation. Are your ideas as green as your aspirations? Don’t worry, because although you’re striving to reach the 0 in … Read more

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