The Wounds That Help Us Live Life And Other Things.

We’re not superhumans so it’s ok to be wrong.

It’s necessary to be wrong. It’s a human trait, that has helped humanity find ways how not to do some things, so that we would do things the right way.

To err is human.

It’s part of life. To take a wrong turn, to make a wrong decision, to follow a path that leads nowhere. But the great thing about making mistakes is that, you learn what not to do, and where not to go, and with whom not to spend your time.

Mistakes build character.

They build discipline. They are a part of the journey called life. They build scars and wounds too.

And that’s ok because wounds and scars help you realize what life is. Having wounds is the only way to know how not having wounds feels like.

But you have to tend to those wounds.

Heal them with time, heal them with forgiveness, heal them with understanding. They won’t heal completely because they’re not physical.

These are wounds inflicted directly into your own self, the self that you strive to realize it’s potential so that you live a happy and fulfilled life. The worst kind of wounds. 

Remember, you’re not dead. Those are just wounds and wounds can be healed.

Work on yourself and integrate the lessons you learn, so that you learn better ways to heal your wounds.

Surround yourself with people that help you do that. Live in places that accommodate healing.

Be with someone that, when those wounds are wide-open, spurting blood all over the place, putting you in unfathomable agony that makes you want to die, that person will be there with you to tell you that everything is going to be ok, and he will be there for you throughout, to help you heal those wounds slowly and with care, no matter what. 

Sometimes even people that feel very close to us unknowingly strike too deep and bring back that old excruciating pain. Let them understand.

Forgive them. Because it’s human to make mistakes.

Because it could turn out that one of those people will help you heal those wounds in a way that you secretly dreamed about since you got your first one. 

Except for douchebags. Strike back at them. No mercy. 


An empty mind, a full heart, and a busy body.

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