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Perspektiva 0001: Self Value, Pitching, Micro Habits.

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Know Your Value And See Every Aspect Of Your Life Transformed

When you’re constantly second-guessing yourself, thinking you’re not good enough, that you’re making mistakes, that it’s your fault, what happens is:

You fill in your precious brain with these confident-less thoughts. The more you think about them the more you fill in you brain. Like a cup of coffee, only this coffee won’t wake you up. 

This pattern of thinking, coming from you as the alpha and the brains behind every action you take in this life affects how you take those actions. Making business decisions, life decisions, decisions about which milk you should get, the low-fat one or gluten-free one – all sorts of decisions ranging from high priority ones (life or death) or low priority (not life or death).

Guess how you’re going to approach those actions? 

When you think your value is low, your approach towards life will be such where you are going to feel you’re not worthy, you don’t deserve it, and worst of all you will value everything else in life more than YOU.

Like a measuring scale only you’re the lightweight that’s being pushed up.

How to fix this?

First, you need to be aware that this is happening. Writing helps to bring that to your attention.

Then you need an action plan on how you’ll increase your value. Start with thinking and saying and writing positive things. It starts with you and your thoughts.

Then it continues on with your actions. Without them, empty thoughts.

Exercising helps tremendously. 

Be careful and be real about your value.

It’s not an easy thing to do since it’s not as tangible as picking up gluten-free milk. You can’t see the value you have, not immediately at least so that’s why you need to set some KPIs.

How much weight to lose?

What’s your income in 4 months from now on?

How great do you want to be in a specific area of business or hobby?

Word of caution. Sometimes, when you start raising your value, extremely high you start being arrogant and egoistic.

You need reality breaks to keep you firmly in the present and what your value really is. 

  • Reflection by writing 
  • Being humble
  • Asking questions 
  • Turning towards mentors and seek for guidance.

Retrograde planets And Your Mood

Seems like these retrograde planets are seriously affecting the moods of people! For the past few weeks, I hear people say that they felt like an animal was trying to get out of them and conquer the world. Some said they got enormous willpower to make decisions otherwise impossible for them to make.

Is this to be believed? Can a planet affect your mood?

Think about it this way. On a solar level, a planet is an organism and we as humans are molecules. Planets in the solar system interact with each other, through gravity pushes and pulls, magnetic fields, and whatnot. Would it be safe to assume that they also affect us since we are part of that being called earth?

On that note, have your profits plummeted lately? It’s probably because of the retrograde – but fear not there’s a marketing agency that helps companies affected by the retrograde, not only avoid losing profits, but doubling it. Check it out here.

Pitch Tricks From Oren Klaff

My pitching mentor and the person that is partially responsible for most of the sales I’ve done in my life. The best part? He doesn’t know it!

  • Rule #1 for Selling Boring Products: Don’t talk about your product.
  • Rule #2 for Selling Boring Products. Talk About the PROBLEM in a Weird Way
  • Rule #3 for Selling Boring Products. Show the buyer 10 ways he’s probably going to buy the wrong product (or service) and make his problem even worse than it is.

When Is The Right Time To Talk

One thing I’ve noticed is that when the situation gets heated between you and your partner, it almost always happens to be so, due to both of you (or at least one) being in an already emotionally distressed state of mind (angry, mad, etc).

Then, miscommunication happens which if not treated properly, will destroy a relationship. 

It can kill the spark. Numb love.

How do you approach these moments and avoid escalating them to the point where no one knows why they happened and how they happened?

First off, you’d need to clearly communicate your state of being and how you feel. If you were triggered by an event or person that is unrelated to your partner, but you hold it within, you store those charged emotions for later use. 

The problem here is, those charged emotions, work their magic from the background. Instead of being idle, they put a filter over your view on the world and the people around you, making you see everything the way you feel. Exactly: you see everything the way that you feel

You have to communicate those feelings immediately. Depending on how severe they are, an appropriate amount of communication needs to happen. 

Verbal communication with your partner or close one. Nonverbal communication with your boxing bag. You need to talk it out and sweat it out. Because it’s in your body and it’s there to stay and do havoc if you let it.

Second, when a situation gets a bit heated, if you’ve done the previous step, you should be able to SEE clearly that things are going to escalate. 

What you do at that moment is put your ego aside, communicate how you feel, communicate what you think that it’s going to happen, hug and let the emotions dampen a bit. 

Now, for the right moment to talk? There is no right moment, but there is the right timing. 

Make sure you’re both in a positive mood. Talk about the situation that happened and what was the cause of it. It almost always NEVER is about that specific situation (you misplaced a sock, or the bed wasn’t set, etc – are these things the real problem or just a spark that lights up a gas station on fire?)

It’s important to communicate daily so that you don’t build up a gas station together and do a stupid thing like lighting up a cigarette while putting gas. Instead, own that gas station. Sell the gas, put up a sign no smoking, make money. 

I’ve noticed my parents, when they get into a discomunicado, they yell a bit and then go their own way until everything settles down. Until their emotions dampen. Then they talk. Could be days, could be hours. But they talk.

Micro Habits: The Way To Installing New Habits.

It’s simple. You really, REALLY have to want a habit installed in you. Otherwise, you rely on initial motivation to instill a new habit, and that almost always fails.

Experts say that it takes 21 days for a habit to form and establish itself as part of your daily rituals. Just 21 days and you become a person. Nonsmoker, gym addict, healthy eater, whatever moves you. 

But it’s also said that you can install a new habit by first dissecting it into micro habits. 

What’s a micro habit? A part of the big habit you want to install. Profound.

The problem that appears whenever we try to change our habits is the magnitude of the change which that habit requires. It takes a lot of willpower, discipline to actually change something about you.

Not all of us are superhumans that can stick to a plan and do it. 

What we need is to break the habit into smaller pieces and do them, measure them and tweak them. 

DIVIDE AND CONQUER - Grumpy Cat | Make a Meme

Forget about the big habit. Focus on these small habits and do them regularly.

If you’re a smoker (like I was) don’t go and say that you will not smoke in the next 1 month. You’re destined to fail.

One Micro Habit: Don’t smoke for 5 days. If you make it, light up a cigarette as kudos (I promise you, you’re not going to want that cigarette).

Another micro habit: Stick to an environment where smoking is not welcomed. Work in that environment. 

Imagine you’re in the army – one of the reasons why the army is good at installing new habits is due to the:

  • Environment
  • People
  • Rules that govern the two above

Make a similar army kinda sandbox which would nurture you and help you not smoke. 

Commit to not talking about smoking during those 5 days.

First rule of fight club don't talk about fight club - Fight Club | Make a  Meme

Commit to talking about how you’re everything but a smoker – avoid using the word smoker, cigarettes, and similar. The word itself carries a trigger that makes you want to smoke again. The name that will not be spoken.

Do these small steps/micro habits daily. You will fail at doing some of them but that’s ok. The compounding effect that all of these microhabits would have is much greater than one failure. Just be consistent and disciplined enough. Which is easy right?

Thank you and stay tuned for the next issue of Perspektiva next week. Until then a quote:

I asked for guidance but got none or so I thought. I was blinded by my illusions and avoided seeing the signs in front. Then i woke up and never asked for guidance, yet saw everything. 

If you know who it is, let me know in the comments!

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