Not Knowing What To Do: A Penultimate Guide On Not Knowing.

not knowing what to do

Not knowing what to do is a sign of an intelligent life form (something that is seemingly rare nowadays). It shows that you can think and evaluate and have the ability to create and take into account different life-changing experiences that you could potentially go for.

Think about it, in your mind, you’re currently thinking about doing something. You’re thinking, but what if it’s not worth it? What if it’s a mistake?

What if it is not a mistake? What if it turns out it’s really worth it?

How would you know unless you decide to do it?

Decisions like these are hard because you feel that you’re choosing one way and leaving another one on the table. You’re scared that the road you choose might lead nowhere or even worse it could be the same road you’ve taken before. You’re terrified of investing so much energy, time, and effort into something that could be a complete failure.

You should be scared. You should be terrified.

Columbus was, before he discovered the Americas.

Yeah but what if it’s the wrong thing?

So what?

First off, what is wrong, and what is right for you? If you think about doing something, how and why would you label it good or bad? Is it because of your own convictions or because someone told you so?

Is there right or wrong?

Even if you make 1000 mistakes in a row, which btw shows that you managed to fall down 1000 times and get back up again, you’d have done 1000 ways on how not to do something, and then sell it as a book.

And remember that you’re not alone. A lot of people don’t know what they want to do. Some of them get stuck in not doing until they die. Others just do stuff until they find what they really want to do. They do this by finding out what they don’t want to do and shouldn’t do. They narrow their focus and search thanks to making all the worst and wrong types of choices.

It’s really simple, one day you will be gone. That’s the only decision you can’t make because life.

How do you feel about that? Let it sink in. The end of your own life will happen and there’s nothing you can do about it.


So if you can’t do anything about your life ending, why are you not doing anything about living it until you die? Or would you rather not live?

Some people don’t. When they understood that on a cosmic level, they and yourself are nothing, their life lost meaning. Anything you do on this cosmic level doesn’t matter because it’s like a minuscule fart in a vacuum that you can’t even smell or hear. So, if you’re nothing and nobody and life have no purpose, everything is meaningless, what will you do? It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do something. 

Will it make you happy? It will probably make you very happy. It will probably make you very sad. But that’s what life is. An oscillation. Sometimes you’re up sometimes you’re down. Like your heartbeat. 

Imagine if your heartbeat was a flat line? That’s how you are right now by not doing things. 

Just don’t keep busy for the sake of being busy – that’s worse than dying. That’s what everybody is doing. Do things because you really need to do them. Because you need to completely, unequivocally, be immersed in those things. It can be your passion, your family, that one person, your pet.

Are you going to be alone while doing things? Probably for some time, and probably you’ve already been alone for a while (or even worse, felt alone while with people). But the universe has its own way of helping energies that vibrate on the same level, meet when they least expect, but when they need each other the most. Both of you will not have a clue about what you want to do, but you’ll do things together until you do. 



P.S. When in Skopje, visit Granche. The place gives a different meaning to soul food.

An empty mind, a full heart, and a busy body.

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