Just Do It. Or Don’t, There’s No Inbetween.

person on a bridge near a lake

If you really care about someone you will find a way to check on them and see how they are doing. If they’re happy, great. If they’re sad also great. If they are mad at you it’s fine. If you’ve done something wrong, fine also.

Bread dough rises when left alone, but you will only know that if you check on it often.

This need to care and find out how those people are doing, comes from knowing how you felt when you were mad, sad, pissed off, feeling alone, feeling like you didn’t need anyone else.

You understand how important it was to yourself, to give your love and care to the most important person in the world.

You never ask yourself to care for yourself. You just do it.

So just do it for them as well.

An empty mind, a full heart, and a busy body.

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