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How To Create An Agency Pitch

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Are you looking to grow and expand your agency, show your excellent work to clients, close more and more deals, and expand your clientele base? Well, look no further!

Knowing how to create an effective agency pitch can significantly improve your agency’s odds of achieving all these goals.

This article discusses how to create an effective agency pitch and gives you a step-by-step guide to follow and make this an effortless process for the whole team!

So, let’s begin!

How To Create An Agency Pitch: 5 Steps to Follow

Here you can find my step-by-step guide to follow when creating your next pitch:

Get To Know Your Potential Clients

Before creating your pitch deck, you need to know who your client is, and the more information you have, the better you will be able to present your pitch to them. In addition, it would help to outline your goals and understand what your ideal client wants to hear from you and your agency.

Some of the things worth considering are:

  • Their history;
  • The products or services they sell;
  • Their marketing strategy;
  • Their marketing budget;
  • Their social media presence.

Personalize Your Agency Pitch

After getting to know your potential client, you need to use that new information and create a unique pitch covering their exact requirements and preferences.

Using all gathered relevant data to modify and adjust your pitch for each client can significantly improve the odds of creating a successful pitch.

Here you can check some great pitch deck templates!

Explain Your Strategy

While pitching your services to a new client, you need to make sure you have the crucial details ready for them and give your potential client an understanding of what you’d like to do if they hired your agency team.

  • Here, you need to include:
  • The services you’ll provide;
  • The expedited results from those services;
  • How often you’ll report on those results;

Mention Some Of Your Past Accomplishments

You should always include a section in the pitch that showcases some of your previous achievements. The most effective way of doing this is to include case studies of your past successes, ideally from a company that is as close as possible to the industry in which your potential client operates.

Get Ready To Answer Questions

By this stage, your agency pitch deck will include nearly everything a potential client may need to make a well-informed decision on whether to hire your services. There’s just one thing missing, the closing slide of your deck as an invitation to ask questions.

By letting your potential customers know that you are open to questions, you can allow them to be more involved and share any concerns or anything that they feel you haven’t mentioned.

Finally, thank them for their time and provide your contact information to get in touch through various channels.

Final Thoughts

Hope you found this article informative and interesting for reading! 

Have you ever created an agency pitch? Share how you did that in the comment section below!

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