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10 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Creative Strategist

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The creative strategist plays the most crucial role in helping a company expand and improve through compelling marketing campaigns. 

He is the one that connects the dots. Just like Isaac Newton did and many more prominent stars in human history.

Having one on your team can be of great benefit for you and your company as they are a big part of the campaign’s problem-solving and creative thinking process. 

If you are looking for answers on why to work with a creative strategist, stop the search because this is the article for you! You’ll learn everything you need to know, from what is the creative strategist job to how they help you create successful campaigns.

Let’s get started and explain the 10 reasons why you should hire a creative strategist!

What Is a Creative Strategist And What They Actually Do?

what is a creative strategist by viktori

A creative strategist is an inventive individual who has an appetite for creativity and education and is enthusiastic about doing great marketing work within a company. 

They strategically plan campaigns. Then, using market research, they study the marketplace and recommend how the brand can reach its target audience.

Some of the creative strategist roles and responsibilities include:

  • Develop content production systems, strategies and creative ideas that generate new B2B leads and improve profits;
  • Perform market research regarding: 
  • Analyze market trends to recognize new opportunities and challenges;
  • Analyze competitors to make sure you are one step ahead of them;
  • Meet with clients to review their end goals for an upcoming campaign;
  • Advise the creative director;
  • Track the progress and results of the marketing and social media campaigns;

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10 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Creative Strategist

There are many benefits when it comes to having a creative strategist on your team. From creating unique and impressive strategies that sell products and services to analytical thinking and intelligent problem-solving, there is no better way to enhance creativity and influence the audience through your campaign.

Some of the many reasons to work with a creative strategist are:

A Creative Strategist Helps You Define And Set Your Goals And Priorities

Setting goals is a fundamental step in growing your business. Business goals are the motivating force behind successful companies of all sizes and industries. They keep your company moving forward, and without them, you can’t get from where you are at the moment to where you want to be in the future. 

However, while most people know the importance of setting goals, achieving them is the hard part. This is where a creative strategist can be of great help to your company, as they help you define your goals and set your priorities which are the two most essential things in every strategy.

A Creative Strategist Brings Creativity To The Team

Creativity is a process of thinking that encourages, challenges, and inspires people to find new innovative solutions and create possibilities out of problems and obstacles coming in the way.

It’s the reason some companies fascinate their clients with new, unique ideas, while others hardly try to promote their marketing campaigns. And, this has much to do with creative strategists that believe that creativity is the source of innovation and motivation and is one key characteristic of exceptional employees as well as that it’s one of the most important creative strategist skills.

A Creative Strategist Presents You With New Opportunities

There are two ways to recognize opportunities, discovering or creating them. It is up to you and your creative team to decide which method is most suitable for you and which actions to take to enable opportunity recognition.

Since identifying and creating new opportunities is crucial for business growth and having professions that help you recognize them is a huge benefit for every employer.

A Creative Strategist Makes Your Marketing More Efficient And Effective

Effective marketing is all about analyzing every element of your business strategy to ensure that the marketing strategies you deploy are aligned with your business goals. 

Having a professional to help with this can immensely help every company’s strategy.

A Creative Strategist Finds New Solutions To Existing Problems

Minor problems experienced frequently can often be solved with relative ease using a standard problem-solving approach. However, creative strategists with their creativity come into play when more significant issues appear.

Out-of-the-box thinking can generate excellent solutions, as it pushes you to develop bolder approaches to thinking and doing. In addition, creative thinking enables you to challenge existing ideas and understand new solutions’ urgency, relevance, and purpose.

Here’s how I helped a client make money while doing business development and R&D, thanks to this out-of-the-box thinking. 

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A Creative Strategist Asks “Why” And Analyzes Everything From Various Perspectives

If you don’t ask why a choice was made, why a strategy was successful, why a specific plan was developed, a product was held back, or a campaign was cut short, then you won’t know, and for not knowing, you end up making decisions based on incomplete or incorrect information.

Asking questions in business and analyzing everything from various perspectives comes with many benefits.

  • Generate new ideas: By promoting a non-judgemental environment in the office when asking questions, you can be sure that people will be more likely to think outside the box, and from this, new ideas will flow;
  • Come up with solutions: Asking questions helps you break out of your standard thinking patterns, which can be a way of creative thinking about solutions you hadn’t considered before;
  • Help encourage thinking and understanding: While exploring the solutions to problems, you’re pushed into a deeper state of thinking, and by doing this, you can also improve your knowledge and understanding of a topic.

A Creative Strategist Introduces You To The Latest Trends And Technologies

In the business world, it’s better to be the company creating the latest trends than to be the company that slowly follows what happens elsewhere in the market.

As new trends and technologies in the business world are constantly emerging, it’s crucial to have a creative strategist by your side to introduce your brand to them and help you identify what’s best for you. 

reasons to hire a creative strategist

A Creative Strategist Increases The Productivity Of The Team

The essential element of a company is its employees. After all, productive employees are what makes a company successful in the first place. 

You must keep track of employee productivity and improve the same. This task has become much easier with the help of a creative strategist. 

However, as the needs and requirements of workers have changed significantly with time, it is now essential to answer to their wants and needs and provide them with a conducive work atmosphere to improve their productivity. 

A Creative Strategist Helps You Build Personas And Find The Right Audience For Your Services And Products

Having a well-defined persona can help you create a better marketing strategy and help you target your marketing campaigns by offering your products and services to the right groups of potential consumers. 

Knowing persona features and characteristics can be invaluable to your business as you improve your marketing campaigns and products over time. For example, if you have difficulty reaching your customers in a helpful way to your company, you might consider researching and building some personas. 

This is where the Creative Strategist comes into play, as they help you define your personas and offer the right products and services to a specific group of clients.

A Creative Strategist Helps You Build Successful Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns are coordinated, strategized efforts to promote a specific company goal, such as increasing recognition of a new product and service or improving customer engagement. 

A marketing campaign is about setting goals and achieving accurate results, and a campaign offers measurable indicators of those results.

Having a person to help and create a successful campaign by following all the steps from setting a goal to measuring the results is one of any company’s best investments. Here’s how I helped a client build a content production process that generated 500k words in 2 months and ranked his LHFs in the top 3 SERPs.


As you have seen from this article, having a creative strategist in your organization can significantly help you and your company to achieve excellent results in various ways.

Hopefully, you found this post informative and valuable, and if you have any comments or questions, I’ll be happy to answer them in the comment section below.

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