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How Can A Creative Strategist Help Your Business?

how can a creative strategist help you

A creative strategist is a very important part of the process of helping a company develop effective marketing initiatives. Effective creative strategists have two critical qualities: they have to be creative and have an analytical eye. Super easy! This article defines what a creative strategy and a creative strategist is, what the job requires, and … Read more

The 1 Business Development Method That Earns You Money While Doing It? Yes, It Exists.

business development method by viktori

Here’s a stupid question: Do you want your company to be at the forefront of innovation?  Another one: Do you want to use the latest marketing/sales/dev business development and innovation programs that will increase your revenue and client base? Here’s how you do that: Have one of your employees apply for a remote job in … Read more

Google Chrome Tab Groups: Organization Basics

google chrome tab groups

Google Chrome Tab Groups is the most underrated organizational tool. It’s free, It’s simple to use, and extremely flexible.  We spend about a third of our day working through them and counting on them to help us be more efficient and effective.  Yet, we don’t realize the potential that groups offer. How Do We Organize … Read more

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