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Best Commercials Of 2021: Part 2

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This is part two of the best commercials of 2021. For the first part, click here:

Best ads of 2021

Top Three Best Commercials of 2021 Part 2

Heinz: Draw Ketchup

My suspicious brain bran says “Viktor this is fake, it’s a setup” but then again If they’d give me the same task, I’d probably draw the same thing (only much much better). It goes to show how deep has Heinz nestled in the global culture. How about you try Mayo next, Heinz?

HP: Parallel Lives

I can see a few friend relationships within this video here that fortunately never happen. The thought of dealing with that Karen, damn. Anyways, HP is promoting their sustainability or eco-awareness by following the life of two “friends” that fortunately never meet thanks to people interfering with the natural way of things. Yeah I took it that far.


M&M’S: Come Together

I’m sorry too but I’m not giving you my M&Ms just because I said something or did something. Accept me for who I am damn it!

The Rest Of The Best Commercials For 2021

NIKE: Play New

I’m sensing that Nike is trying to change their slogan and if they are, I’m changing planets. Play new is fine and all but come on.

Peloton: Unspoiler Alert

I’m not a fan of Sex and the City but I did watch the show (i was forced). Then I noticed that my favorite person in the world, Ryan Reynolds is the director and Big is trying to get laid with a Peloton coach. Masterpiece.

Procter & Gamble: Love Leads To Good

For the importance of families and how they show us what love can do in any situation, regardless of how we feel.


Visit Iceland: The Icelandverse

For a moment there I thought this guy couldn’t act but then he showed us the most brilliant quirkiest piece of ad that I’ve ever seen. If people are like that on Iceland, I’m in!

Doritos: Nunca Es Tarde Para Ser Quien Eres

Jesus, that was unexpected. Who knew Doritos could summon the dead?

Apple: Start-Up

The start reminded me of Born Slippy Underworld until it didn’t. This one will touch a string in the hearts of old Apple users for sure.

Mr. Peanut: Shake It Like DadERR

Whaat!!?? That was funny. This one is for all the dads out there. And the ones that don’t know they are

HBO and Zumbrota Ford: Last Week Tonight

My alter ego and the person I’d like to reincarnate in my next life.

Oatley: Wow Wow No Cow

How do you show people the distinction between your brand and regular milk? You get the CEO to play synth in the middle of a grain field, without cows.

Anheuser-Busch: Let’s Grab a Beer

It’s never about the beer. It’s like saying Netflix and chill and actually watching a movie, chillin.

McDonald’s: BTS Meal

I’m a Bic Mac fan and wherever I go I gotta have one (at least). It was a smart move to combine a K-pop band that signified community to so many people during the pandemic with the McNuggets (I hope they do Big Mac next). Sharing a meal is important and that’s what this ad is about.

Geico: Scoop There It Is

Geico. They’ve always topped any best-ad list on the planet and they did it twice in this list here. The best part? Geico made an actual frikkin ice cream!

BLK: Vax That Thing Up

Rebootin’ a classic song to make people more vaccine aware? Done by a dating app? Yes please. I love it when ad men do these types of things because you get a flashback into the good times, vibing good, but also get reminded that you gotta get that vax man.

Are These The Best Ads Of 2021?

They are to me and my viewership. Maybe If we spent more time watching ads and less tie working, this list could’ve been bigger but It’s not. It is what it is and I hope you enjoyed it. What is your favorite commercial for 2021?

Let me know in the comments. And if you’re looking to create a pitch that will ultimately help you create an ad or a product like the ones above, check out my guides below:

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