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Best Ads Of 2021: Part 1

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Another year gone, another set of amazing SuperBowl ads aired during the…well, the SuperBowl.

From Edward Scissorhands promoting an all-electric Cadillac to Michael B. Jordan taking the role of Alexa and making my girlfriend give me less and less attention every day, this year’s SuperBowl has given us superior stories to watch and remember.

Might not be as memorable as the Van Dammes split, but depends on who you ask (ping my girlfriend).

But Viktor wait, the post says the Best Ads of 2021. Yes, Karen, which means I’ve put in the extra work of finding some more quality ads for you to watch.

I’m Viktor and when I don’t create pitches, I envy other agencies by watching their ads and how their pitches got air time.

Let’s go!

Top Three Best Ads of 2021

Adidas Originals – “End Plastic Waste”

It’s a Stan Smith. Although I’m an All-Star fan (and leather boots one) I have the greatest respect for the iconic Stan Smiths (not just because my cousin wears them).

And you merge Stan with Kermit to talk about making the world a better place. It’s not easy being green as Kermit says. Such an iconic sentence.

State Farm – Drake from State Farm

Stand-ins don’t have lines – damn that was powerful. You’re saying that to Drake, one of the top-grossing rappers in the world. A rapper. You don’t have lines bro. If this aint one of the best ads of 2021 then I’m not a good pitchermann.

Amazon Alexa – Alexa’s Body

The lady killer turned voice helper and a housewife’s dream – Jordan B Peter… I mean Michael B Jordan. I cannot stop giggling at how they portrayed Michael and his voice. If I was a woman, I’d feel the same way, seriously. Btw anyone has a spare Alexa?

The Rest Of The Best Ads Of 2021

Allstate – Duet

Bizarre and genius at the same time. Who wouldn’t be happy to save money and sing at the same time while crashing and burning at the end?

AARP – Wise Friend and Fierce Defender

The first feeling I get when watching this ad is happiness and this is one of the things that AARP advocates for health and money. Nice Ad, AARP.

Apple – Fumble

I’m an Apple fan man, so anything coming from them since the 84 commercial is going to get high ratings. This time, Apple is promoting their new ceramic shield glass, which doesn’t break when you accidentally drop it. That begs the question, what if I drop it on purpose?

Bud Light – Last Year’s Lemons

Well, finally someone addressed the pandemic in a satirical way. I found it funny, seeing all those lemons dropping down and wreaking havoc on people. Makes you think: If life gave us actual lemons during the pandemic, and we consumed them, would we be more resilient to the Coronavirus?

Cadillac – Hands-Free

The child version of me had nightmares from watching Edward. Seeing him fumble in every day life was satisfying but at the same time I felt pity for the dude – and I guess that’s what the producers wanted to evoke the “Poor, funny Edward”. Well, he ain’t poor if he can afford that Cadillac. Great commercial btw.

Cheetos – It Wasn’t Me

What happened to Mila Kunis? Anyways, the only person I’d expect to fall for that trick is definitely Ashton. All jokes aside, It’s a classic snack ad where someone get’s his favorite snack, snatched and eaten and there’s always someone else to blame.

Expedia – All By Myself

You’re never alone when traveling with Expedia. I understand the point behind it but did they have to go all the way and make me believe that someone will magically translate Chinese to English on the spot?


Grubhub – Delivery Dance

I was expecting to see the Safety Dance dance considering the name of the commercial but, as stoics say, let go of expectations. Anyways, kids are gonna love this one.

Resorts World Las Vegas – Stay Fabulous

A resort that allows me to create my own version of myself and enjoy? I’m in but I doubt they’d want me and my version there. For anyone else, that’s what you can do at Resorts World Las Vegas.

Rocket Mortgage – Certain Is Better

I’m certain I love ads where they take the extremes to explain a concept and why it’s better than the one you know right now.

Toyota – Jessica Long’s Story

Damn. Although there was literally no reference for a car anywhere, this ad made me cry and made me believe in myself again. Seeing how people struggle from birth, makes you think: Why am I not happy every single moment of the day? Will a Toyota make me feel that way?

Uber Eats – Wayne’s World and Cardi B’s Shameless Manipulation

Sarcasm, Wayne’s World and Delivery. Is there anything else you’d like with that?

Dove – Reverse Selfie

Dove is addressing a serious issue that every man around me has encountered – we are being pressured into looking beautiful because screen time increased dramatically during Covid times.

Etsy – Give More Than A Gift – Bus Stop

It shows the basic concept behind Etsy, the artisanal personal touches that no other platform has for their customers.


Are These The Best Ads Of 2021?

They are to me and my viewership. Maybe If we spent more time watching ads and less time working, this list could’ve been bigger but It’s not. It is what it is and I hope you enjoyed it.

Go over to: Part two of the best commercials of 2021.

What is YOUR favorite ad for 2021?

Let me know in the comments.

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