Best Commercials Of 2021: Part 2

best commercials of 2021

This is part two of the best commercials of 2021. For the first part, click here: Best ads of 2021 Top Three Best Commercials of 2021 Part 2 Heinz: Draw Ketchup My suspicious brain bran says “Viktor this is fake, it’s a setup” but then again If they’d give me the same task, I’d probably draw … Read more

Best Ads Of 2021: Part 1

Best ads of 2021

Another year gone, another set of amazing SuperBowl ads aired during the…well, the SuperBowl. From Edward Scissorhands promoting an all-electric Cadillac to Michael B. Jordan taking the role of Alexa and making my girlfriend give me less and less attention every day, this year’s SuperBowl has given us superior stories to watch and remember. Might … Read more

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